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    OxiClean is one of Melissa’s favorite cleaning products for one very good reason – it works! But how exactly does it work?

    In our first installment of The Science of Clean our squeaky clean experts explain what Oxiclean is and how it works to remove stains.

    Oxygen – The Inspiration for the Name and the Power Behind the Product

    Around 15 years ago, before you could fast forward with your DVR, you probably saw one of the OxiClean infomercials with Billy Mays. He promised stain-removing power like never before that was safe to use because oxygen and water were the main ingredients. Even red wine on white carpet didn’t stand a chance.

    It’s understandable that people were skeptical the product could clean as well as bleach without the chlorine and potential discoloration. It was an infomercial for a relatively unknown product after all.

    The miracle-working OxiClean powder contains naturally forming compounds, which makes it safe for use in homes and for septic systems. But the real secret behind the cleaning is oxygen. The cleaning wizards at OxiClean’s parent company Orange Glo International Company discovered that the chemical structure of oxygen made it a perfect cleaning agent. During the application oxygen is released whenever the solution comes in contact with water. The oxygen molecules bind to the compounds in the stain. This makes it super easy to lift stains away from a surface.

    Orange Glo International Company has protected the secrets behind their product better than Fort Knox. However, we do know the other main ingredients include sodium percarbonate and soda ash. Both ingredients have long been used in a variety of cleaners and are very safe.


    Melissa and Kenya

    Melissa and Kenya, Clean Scientists!

    OxiClean Best Uses

    There are now a wide variety of specialty OxiClean products for just about every cleaning purpose the company can dream up. Heck, there’s even a baby stain remover for the biggest messes made by the smallest family members.

    The original OxiClean is a rock star when it comes to removing organic stains like grass, dirt and food. The oxygen really grips on to these types of materials. The oxygen binding process is so powerful it can even deodorize laundry and get rid of pet odors. However, with a little more pre-treatment and elbow grease non-organic stains like ink can also be removed.

    The OxiClean laundry products have also become very popular since they’re color safe and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. We’ve used just about the entire line of OxiClean products, and come to the conclusion that they all pretty much work as advertised.

    Remember – don’t just get it clean. Get it OxiClean!

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